If You Invested $1 Million In Pandora Last Year, You’d Have $451,975 Today

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Wall Street has been battering Pandora over the past few days, thanks to massive quarterly losses of $ 85.9 million, a $ 90 million royalty hit, and a massive competitive threat from Apple Music and Beats 1.  In the past five days alone, Pandora’s shares have dropped 35.25 percent, and a monstrous 54.8 percent since the start of 2014.

Which means that if you had invested $ 1 million in Pandora stock on January 3rd, 2014 (the first open trading day of that year), you’d now have $ 451,975 today.

That number gets even worse if you happened to purchase at Pandora’s 2014-high of $ 37.42, reached on February 28th.  In that scenario, the foolhardy investor would now have $ 332,977 on an initial, $ 1 million investment.  And for those thinking of jumping ship in 2015, there’s little consensus among analysts: according to Zacks Research, the most bullish projection sees Pandora rebounding to $ 28 within the next year, while the lower-end prediction is $ 10.


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